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Take control and become who you were meant to be!

You can take control of your life and become the person you want to be! I did, and I ain’t nuthin’ special.

From the depths of despair, and the brink of suicide, I found my road to happiness and want to share it with you. I fought my way out of depression, addiction, trauma, and anxiety through and for, the love for my family.

Here, and in my writings, I try to share the lessons I’ve learned along the road so, hopefully, you can feel supported in taking control over your life to find joy and peace. Because I believe you deserve to cherish your life, too.

I invite you to walk alongside me. It’s easier when you feel you’re not alone. The dark gets less scary, y’know?

Sheridan Taylor and son

What Readers are Saying...​

This book was equally powerful and heartbreaking. Sheridan's writing is honest and raw. His words jump off the page and into your soul, leaving the reader much to think about and process long after you turn the final page. Sheridan's story is full of heartbreak but also triumph; he dares to address the darkest moments of his life with crushing vulnerability that shatters the societal norms of what it means to be a strong man. He writes with a deeply personal, no-bullshit lens that allows the reader to feel seen in their own struggle. This book has the power to change lives and is a must-read.
A great man wrote a great book. That's what happened here. I had to stop and write a review halfway through the book. Sheridan wrote this in a way that makes it easy to digest in as small or in as big of chunks as you want. Not only is this writing, in my opinion, beneficial to those who are currently struggling or who have struggled, but also to those who have loved ones in a struggle. And since I think that covers just about everyone, I can't think of who this book isn't for. I'd give it more stars if I could.

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