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Blog 47 - What Would I Never Do?

What Would I Never Do?

In which our hero explores ways to maintain cognitive flexibility and have a little fun once in a fuckin’ while, for the first time in his life. Lately, to try

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Blog 46 - Slow Down

Slow Down

In which our hero reminds you, dear reader, the body and mind are connected by more than the brain stem and that we can use the one to calm the

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Blog 44 - Work Behind the Jab

Work Behind the Jab

In which our hero explains child neglect and child abuse through a boxing metaphor. Little jabs wear a fighter down until he’s tired and demoralized. Boxing 101. Sonny Liston. Tommy

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Blog 42 - Respect


In which our hero explains how respect and self-respect battle mental illness. In order to boost self-esteem we need to feel self-respect and the respect of others we respect. Self-esteem

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Blog 40 - I used to be an alcoholic

I Used To Be An Alcoholic

In which our hero overcomes the scariest demon in his mind. Big day, Saturday. Real big day. It’s public knowledge I’ve struggled with alcoholism all my life. I’ve been dry

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Blog 39 - Bread and Circuses

Bread and Circuses

In which our hero points out the divisiveness of our culture and how it breeds mental illness. I try to help other humans. I do all I can to help

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Blog 38 - Beginner's Mind, Again

Beginners Mind, Again

In which our hero reminisces on Sho Kosugi and Chuck Norris movies, and explains better how to employ the beginner’s mind. Like, with instructions and shit. Okay, yeah, groovy, beginner’s

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