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Blog 11 To My Sons: 10 Things

To My Sons: 10 Things

In which our hero reiterates the important things in life to his sons, and you dear reader, in ten reminders. I spent decades punishing myself for things I didn’t do,

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Blog 10 - Strength


In which our hero revels in his own strength. And points out yours. If you’re like me and still kicking, I want to celebrate your strength and courage. It takes

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Blog 9 - To My Sons: Strive

To My Sons: Strive

In which our hero reminds his sons, and you dear reader, to strive, to excel to refuse to heed the lies of our fear and anxiety. And thereby defeat them

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Blog 8 - A Different Look At Grief

A Different Look At Grief

I’ve been to a few funerals. I’ve noticed, where people are genuinely missed, nobody talks about the things the deceased did. Nobody talks about their money, or their academic achievements,

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Blog 6 - Mefloquine Poisoning

Mefloquine Poisoning

In which our hero talks about a fairly unknown reason people display mental illness symptoms and suffer needlessly. Here’s a fun little twist. I might’ve gone so fucking bananas because

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Blog 5 - I Don't Get It

I Don’t Get It

In which our hero marvels at how insanity looks from the other side, and offers his heartfelt apologies to everyone in his life who had to deal with a six

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Blog 4 - To My Sons

To My Sons

To My Sons In which our hero explains insecurity and overcompensation in 60 words.  Hurt people hurt people. Scared people scare people. I’ve hurt a lot of people. I’ve devoted

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