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You’re not alone. Help is out there. We all need support, guidance, and knowledge to heal ourselves. These are some of the people who provided that instruction, encouragement, and occasional kick in the ass I needed along my path. They’re good humans. 

If you’re a vet or first responder, you don’t have to get as messed up as I was before you talk to these folks. Prevention is always better than repair, y’know? If you are struggling, reach out.  

These organizations are made up of good people, and I found their programs so helpful that I volunteer with them now. If you’re reading this and have any pull with a military, veteran, or first responder organization, I recommend getting in touch with them for training for your people.  


Wounded Warriors Canada
To honour and support Canada’s ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and their families. 

The Veterans Transition Network is the only Canadian charity delivering mental health services specifically for Veterans from coast to coast. 

ICISF-Canada supports the development and maintenance of peer support programs for public safety personnel.  

Wayfound  is known as the pre-eminent trauma treatment clinic across Canada.  

Proactive Mental Health Training For First Responders.

Building mental health programming for police, fire, and paramedic members and their families.

What Readers are Saying...

Whether you’re going or have gone through a rough time or know someone that has, this book is for you! Sheridan tells it how it is. This book is powerful, deep and raw. I’m not much of a reader but I haven’t been able to put this book down. This book has and will save lives so let’s keep moving it forward and let it touch as many people as we can.
If you’ve ever known someone who was struggling with their emotions, with life, with parenting, with depression or any feelings of inadequacy, then maybe you want to read this book. You don’t have to be the one hurting. There is probably something in these words that will help you understand how you can start to heal yourself or those you love. It is a very raw and emotional read. It is tough, but there are also moments of clarity. Highly recommended. Almost everyone knows somebody who will benefit from something in his words. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, it will make you feel.