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From surviving to thriving. From existing to living.

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With humour and warmth, Sheridan shares his story and walks the road to flourishing with us. From suicidal to loving life, from despair to joy, Sheridan walked the road and shows us the map he made along the way that we may follow him to where we all deserve to be.

Sheridan Taylor Afghanistan

Ep. #274 – Operation Tango Romeo, the Trauma Recovery Podcast

Season 2, Episode 5 – Sirens, Slammers and Service – A podcast for Female First Responders

Your Story Doesn’t End Here

Mitzi’s Let’s Think Inc.

Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment

What Readers are Saying...​

Sheridan Taylor provides a raw perspective on living with mental illness. His journey to finding resilience is powerful and his offer of a roadmap to a better life inspires courage, strength and hope.
In this book Mr. Taylor shows us that recovering from trauma can be complicated, messy, and not linear. He reminds us that there's always work to do, and that the work must be done both for ourselves and for the people we love. Thank you, Mr. Taylor for your service, for this "truth grenade" of a book, and for sharing your experience with us.
Dr. Kevin Lutz