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Straight-talking. Enthralling. Sincere. Encouraging. Supportive. (Not my words.)

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With a straight-shooting humility, a raw and unyielding honesty, Sheridan relays his story in a way that reaches us at our core and reminds us that we can achieve and accomplish; that, like him, we can overcome adversity and become the people we want, have the life we want.

An engaging and inspirational public speaker, Sheridan brings his heart-wrenching and heart-warming story to every engagement with an impassioned and encouraging charisma. He captivates and empowers audiences, both large and small. Sheridan teaches us to use vulnerability to find courage; to embrace the suck and do hard things. Be brave enough to be kind and strong enough to be empathetic. Use gratitude to defeat depression and curiosity to defeat fear.

Sheridan Taylor

I’ll be honest (Rule 1): I fuckin’ hate public speaking. I’m really good at it, turns out, but I hate it. I keep doing it because every time I do, somebody tells me that something I said was exactly what they needed to hear. So, I can’t stop. I don’t do anything magical, I just share my story and the lessons I learned with the most raw vulnerability, unyielding honesty, and straight-shooting humility I can. I find that reaches people the best.

Hard as it is, it’s totally worth it. Every audience I’ve spoken to has found something worth their time.

Every time, somebody’s said they learned something about themselves that made them find hope and decide not to kill themselves. My story is equal parts heart-wrenching and heart-warming, and it captivates and empowers audiences, both large and small, because it’s their story too. The audience seems to feel my sincere and passionate belief that everyone has everything they need to heal themselves, and they seem to carry that with them. But it’s hard. So, I do it. That’s the point, right? Do the hard things because they’re the things worth doing.

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What Readers are Saying...​

As someone who has worked in psychology and had an extensive journey of my own with receiving therapy and working through PTSD and trauma, I cannot believe how much I still had to learn from this book! I'm only part way through because it's not an easy a good way! The chapters are split up into what I thought would be bite-sized portions, but they really are an entire meal each on their own. Definitely recommend taking your time reading through this to fully absorb all the wisdom.

As other reviewers have mentioned, I couldn’t put this book down…. It is written in the style of “real talk” and was like sitting down having a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend telling you all the things you needed to hear (but not necessarily what you wanted to hear at times) from a person who has lived it, all of it… it’s real, it’s honest, it will break your heart , and then put it back together again … note: liberal use of the F word , but sometimes only the F word will do!