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Blog 39 - Bread and Circuses

Bread and Circuses

In which our hero points out the divisiveness of our culture and how it breeds mental illness. I try to help other humans. I do all I can to help

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Blog 38 - Beginner's Mind, Again

Beginners Mind, Again

In which our hero reminisces on Sho Kosugi and Chuck Norris movies, and explains better how to employ the beginner’s mind. Like, with instructions and shit. Okay, yeah, groovy, beginner’s

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Blog 37 - Beginner's Mind

Beginner’s Mind

In which our hero remembers trying to be a Ninja Turtle and explains mindfulness in an exoteric manner. Back when I thought I was a ninja and was studying Asian

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Blog 23 - To my sons: Courage

To My Sons: Courage

In which our hero encourages his sons, and you, dear reader, to build courage to achieve goals and battle mental illness. “Courage” comes from ancient Latin word, “Cor,” meaning “heart.”

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Blog 22 - Charity and Mental Health

Charity and Mental Health

In which our hero talks about, well, charity and mental health. No, really, there’s a connection!   There’s a young lady… single mom, 2 kids… her little boy is my

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Blog 19 - More Advice

More Advice

I’ve had folks ask why they’re not getting better even though they’re exercising, sleeping, etc. Well, that’s not The Work. That’s clearing your workspace so you can do The Work.

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