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Tag: Resiliency

Blog 20 - To My Sons: Practice

To My Sons: Practice

In which our hero reminds his sons of the importance of practice, to remind you, dear reader, to practice catching the negative thought patterns and create cognitive flexibility with fact and

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Blog 19 - More Advice

More Advice

I’ve had folks ask why they’re not getting better even though they’re exercising, sleeping, etc. Well, that’s not The Work. That’s clearing your workspace so you can do The Work.

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Blog 18 - We Are Not Broken

We Ain’t Broke

Yesterday sucked for me, man. Like, hugely awful. Went to bed fighting through a depressive episode. This morning, I broke my PPCLI coffee mug. Two years ago, I broke my

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Blog 16 - White Belt Mentality

White Belt Mentality

In which our hero reiterates the importance of mental flexibility through metaphor.  There’s a repeated, and mostly ignored, concept in the martial arts: white belt mentality. The white belt mentality

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Blog 12 I'm A Work In Progress

I’m a Work in Progress

In which our hero reminds you, dear reader, that anybody who lies to you is not your friend. Including you.  Our brains hold a hidden enemy. It comes from judgement,

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Blog 11 To My Sons: 10 Things

To My Sons: 10 Things

In which our hero reiterates the important things in life to his sons, and you dear reader, in ten reminders. I spent decades punishing myself for things I didn’t do,

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