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To My Sons: 10 Things

Sheridan Taylor

In which our hero reiterates the important things in life to his sons, and you dear reader, in ten reminders.

  1. I spent decades punishing myself for things I didn’t do, or did when I didn’t know better. I lost most of my life to shame, guilt, remorse, fear, depression, and anxiety. Don’t do that. It erases your present and takes away your future.
  2. Another lesson I didn’t learn until too late was if something’s out of my hands, it should be out of my mind. I can’t begin to guess how many hours I lost to chewing over old hurts or worrying about things I could never control.
  3. I spent most of my life overestimating my problems and underestimating my capabilities. I let my insecurities deprive me of my dreams. Don’t do that either. Regret is like shame in that they both weigh on your mind and crush your soul.
  4. Because I didn’t tell my brain what to do, it did what it wanted. It couldn’t stay empty, I didn’t fill it with curiosity and gratitude, so it filled itself with fear, negative thoughts, and illness.
  5. Love is effortless. Marriage is work. Loveless marriage is valueless. A loving marriage is priceless. I never regretted working to make my marriage better.
  6. Fear ruined my life for decades. Fear comes from ignorance. Learn as much as you can so you fear as little as you can.
  7. My mind was programmed to see only the negative in everything. I hope I’ve taught you to see there’s also positive in everything.
  8. I love you.
  9. All the shit I survived made me stronger so I could pick myself up. Use your strength to lift people when they’ve fallen. That’s what it’s for.
  10. Whenever I’ve wanted to quit, I couldn’t because someone believed in me. Find someone who believes in you. You’ll be amazed at how hard you’ll be prepared to work.